Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grum- runaway (Nightrider remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>runaway)

Grum - Runaway (Nightriders Remix) by Nightriders

Short people may want to be tall-- but they've never stuck their hand in a ceiling fan while trying to get dressed. (happened to me twice this week)

edit: right after I posted this, my friend who's my height came over and borrowed a sweatshirt. While putting it on he stuck his hand into my ceiling fan. It's more serious than you'd think.

Nightrider is a duo from Boston Massachusetts. They both seem to enjoy music, and they probably don't enjoy going to the dentist. (this is the kind of stuff I have to post when all I have is a twitter account to write a bio off of)

Also-- Casual Encounter. It's rare to have an 8min track that's not laboring to get through. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Fantasy - You're Too Late (Casual Encounters Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Casual Encounters


  1. that guy looks like serious business

  2. Ha, the musics excellent. Good post.

  3. They make a nice chill remix. It's nice to just lay back to.

    The Casual Encounters track was nice, retro and all that stuff I like, I'm just not sure why I wasn't feeling it. Maybe too long, maybe jusst the mood. neh.