Friday, June 10, 2011

Drivepilot- ruthless EP

(Picture courtesy of google>images>ruthless)

Ruthless EP [2011] by DRIVEPILOT

10,000 view as of last night!

And a girl I know just went into treatment for an eating disorder. The weirdest part is that my friend totally called it a year ago, before even knowing her. He's sort of like one of those super intelligent dogs who can sense ghosts and stuff.

Drivepilot just released their new EP, Ruthless. They're from Portland, Oregon-- which also exports granola and lumberjacks. Halo was the highlight track for me.

Also-- Satin Jackets. I'm not quite ready to let go of the disco.
Satin Jackets feat. Eric Cozier - Everywhere I Go / Don't Stop Looking • (Preview) by Mullet Records


  1. Grats on the 10,000 views. Loved the music as well. Good post.

  2. That EP is unfair. The first track is a sweet opener, Ruthless is ruthless, by the end of GMS I'm ON MY BED DANCING and Halo just tops it off. It's like the cherry on top.

    It's also unfair to any other artists to be displayed after an EP. I almost didn't listen, I'm glad I did though. So nice.

    I'm in love with today's post.