Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sair- shoreline

(Picture courtesy of google>images>sair)

Shoreline by SaiR

Interesting phone call last night. My friend broke up with his girlfriend a month ago, but she refuses to leave him alone. During our conversation he jokingly said "maybe I should fake my own death", and the idea has sort of stuck.

I'm excited because this is kind of like 'lying meets professional theater'. But the best part will be when he runs into her a couple months from now, and her having to say "But ______, I thought you were dead?!?" That takes messy breakups to a whole new level.

Sair is from Portugal. I wish I could find more on him


  1. It worked for Tupac.

    Also, I think this is a decent song but sounds a bit too much like the sounds that came out of my first (and only) keyboard for my tastes.

  2. Crazy mess, death stories are pretty easy to determine these day though, especially when anyone can look up a website that would have that info.

  3. haha sound fun :P will be mean to do to her... but hey.. if shes clinging what else can you do! nice track too

  4. be careful what you wish for....

  5. That pics amazing and dangerous looking. The musics pretty cool as well.

  6. About SaiR:
    Facebook page - http://listn.to/SaiRmusic

  7. I love it. I wish you had more info too, It'd be appreciated and things. Buh.

  8. I'm a guy, so I find that idea awesome. Keep us posted :D