Sunday, May 15, 2011

Barretso- chase (Mjolnir remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>mjolnir)

Barretso - Chase (Mjolnir Remix) by soundofmjolnir

In the same way that the Native Americans would dance to make it rain, I wore my swimming-suit all yesterday in hopes that the weather would get better. No luck though.

I emailed Mjolnir the other day to let me publish this track, and I'm pretty excited it worked out. Mjolnir is a trio from Indonesia, and it's my first exposure to electronic music from that region.

In Norse mythology 'Mjolnir' was the name of Thor's hammer. It loosely translates to "crusher", and that's how I feel this track would do on the dance floor. Hot disco riffs over a solid bass line. That's easy for people to get into.


  1. Thats a cracking pic there. good post.

  2. oh god what's going on in that picture

  3. I want to dance in public to beats like that. I love this.