Friday, May 13, 2011

Pyramid- the race

(Picture courtesy of google>images>therace)

The Race by -Pyramid-

When I go to steak restaurants, people always tell me to get my steak rare because 'bloody is better'. But I'm pretty sure that's the same taste as when I floss my teeth. So it ends up reminding me that I should go to the dentist.

Blogspot was down for maintenance for me, and that throws my whole rhythm off. Pyramid has been posted on here before. He aspires to make movie soundtracks.

Also check out this synth track by Russian group, Pro-Logic.
Pro-Logic - Last Time Disco by Pro-Logic


  1. About once a month my former girlfriend insisted that bloody is better. I respectfully disagreed.

  2. I like that Pyramid track, really does feel like it could be in a movie. Pro-Logic felt more like it couldv'e been in a movie 30 years ago. Not that that's bad, just late? I'm up for it.