Monday, April 25, 2011

Subdue- horizon (Bestrack remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>horizon)

Subdue-Horizon (Bestrack remix) by Bestrack

Ugh, another slow day for music.

I almost had nothing to post. But then I realized that I haven't listened to Bestrack in ages. When I first got into electronic music, I really liked producers with retro sound.

So now I get like a double-nostalgia from being a kid in the 80's, and from when I started listening to electro. Complicated stuff.

And if you liked the Hope4Dope track that was posted a couple days ago, they have a new single coming out in June.

Ouverture (Official Preview) RELEASE IN JUNE by Hope4Dope


  1. would make for good video game music maybe

  2. Delicious double nostalgia. It's beautiful.

  3. good tunes i really dig the first track

  4. this is pretty good :D
    never heard of the guy

  5. that was just okay for me.

  6. need something more relaxing to start my week