Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gigamesh- it's so intense

Whenever I go to my friend's house, she yells at me for not putting the seat down after I pee.
I just realized that if I start peeing in her bath tub, it'll save us both some trouble.

Hope she doesn't read this.

I'm glad I found this track because frankly the aggressive electronic music was getting a little monotonous.

Gigamesh is from the middle portion of the United States. His first EP comes out this summer, and it's definitely in my cross-hairs.

The official preview is here:
Gigamesh EP sampler (coming this summer) by GIGAMESH


  1. god, gigamesh sounds so familiar

    not the music, but the name

  2. or maybe piss on her toothbrush, thatll teach her a lesson

  3. this sounds very good, thanks for posting.

  4. Oh this is nice happy music. Like cheery 80's pop electronic stuff. I want this. Why do I have to wait til summer? Pfffft.

  5. i think they got their band name from final fantasy, that's why its so familiar

  6. i pee on myself when i shower