Sunday, April 24, 2011

Modek- quasimoto

(Picture courtesy of google>images>quasimoto)

Quasimodo - Original Mix by Modek

I just found out that the inventor of the Segway died on one. So I'll be keeping an extra close eye on this blog in case it wants to off me. Perhaps it will be death by exhaustion.

Slow day in the world of music, so here's a standby track. Modek is from Belgium, and he's won a number of producer awards there.

In other news,
Digitalism will have a new album out this summer. They just released a track called 2 HEARTS, but it's a little too indie to go on this blog.

Here's an older track that might make it on the album:

Digitalism - Blitz by Lamhauge


  1. interesting pic, and even more interesting, the track. hypnotic bassline

  2. Loving the first track, nice layer of sounds, and bass :D

  3. Quasimodo is so getting downloaded. So hard.

  4. luckiest quasimoto i've ever seen

  5. 2nd track is awesome good post

  6. love your blog! keep up the quality posts!

  7. pic is awesome. Plus how did he not see the cliff coming on the segway! oh no here it comes! 10 minutes later there is the edge oh no!

  8. first track is great, thanks for sharing