Sunday, May 8, 2011

You Killing Me- renaissance (Aza3l remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>renaissance)

You Killing Me - Renaissance (AZA3L Remix) // SHAKE YOUR ASS RECORDS by AZA3L

One of the worst feelings is when you have to share the armrest on an airplane, and the person next to you has harry arms. It's impossible to keep that armrest longer than 3 or 4 brushes.

Aza3l comes from Lyon, France. I met a girl from Lyon last night, and she was attractive, but with an overpowering personality. So I'd like to think that these guys are like the music version of that.


  1. I like the overpowering stuff. It was sweet.

  2. a little too upbeat for me, but not bad :D

  3. Bit of a mix of styles going on - can't say it sits terribly well with me to be honest.
    It's like they take cliches from various club genres and mash them together in the hope of creating the most awesome dance music ever. But don't - in my opinion. :I

    Wenneewayy - I popped over to say Zombie nominated me in one of those annoying blog-spam awards and I bothered for some reason and in turn nominated you. It said I should let you know - so I have done.

    Keep rockin' my man.

  4. Sharing an armrest anywhere sucks. I just tuck my elbows in.

  5. I like to claim either the front half or the back half when forced to share an armrest.