Friday, May 27, 2011

Super Nes- m. pythagore

(Picture courtesy of google>images>m.pythagore)

M. Pythagore (Le Parrain) - Alpha Version by Super Nes

Is it littering to let a balloon go?

Super Nes is from Marseille, France. I actually had a chance to exchange emails with him, and he gave me some awesome insight into his new track 'M. Pythagore'.

The song was created for the french dirt biking show 'Ride Me Up', but the actual goal of the track is to explore how classical music fits into electro. He's kept the excessive compression and bass saturation, but it's decorated with classical aesthetics.

This is the first version of the song. A complete version will be released later this summer.

Also coming out this summer is Redial's remix of The S.
The S - Underdog (Redial Remix) Preview. by Redial


  1. Hi, thanx again for you support.
    We hope this track is going to appear in the next Ride me Up :
    Good Continuation,

    Super Nes.

  2. That dead persons got great teeth lol.

  3. Redial remix sounds very promising.

  4. Classical into electro. I see a lot of people getting bothered by this, but I love the idea and I love the sound.

  5. short trax today... not so much the first track. I love this one. Thank you as always