Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blood Command- on and on chameleon (Antichrist remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>onandonchameleon)

Blood Command - On And On Chameleon (Antichrist Remix) by Antichrist

Last night I used the site's official email address just to chat with girls. That's like the blog version of making out with someone in the office supply closet. If I had anyone to answer to, there would be hell to pay.

Antichrist is from Fredrickstad, Norway. Their back story is that the two are androids who crash landed from outer space. After getting into 80's heavy metal on earth, they decided to recreate it with their space-technology. Now they're too busy playing shows to fix up their spacecraft.
I would have expected anything less.

Also coming out June 5th is Blue Satellite's first EP.
Aurora EP (Coming June 5th)! by Blue Satellite


  1. Those crazy android aliens, making some amazing music.

  2. Androids from outer space make some kick ass beats.

  3. Nice tunes, keep them coming

  4. Diggin the first track =D

    second one not so much, dude's voice is WAY TOO LOUD... music is ok.. but its for my elevator

  5. Its difficult to spot the diference between the chameleon and the finger.

  6. Really awesome stuff from this band. Maybe I'll buy an album of theirs.