Monday, May 2, 2011

Monsieur Adi- dystopia

(Picture courtesy of google>images>dystopia)

Dystopia by Monsieur Adi

My most frequent day-dream is of being the heir to the Box-of-Chocolates fortune. Like can you imagine being in that situation, and trying to live a normal life where you never get laid? It'd be impossible.

Today it's all about the heavy/somber stylings of Monsieur Adi. I have to clean up my party-torn apartment, and I'll be lucky if I can get out of the house in the next 30 hours. Ugh.

On a high note, Hope4Dope just left a comment on one of the posts! F'ING PSYCHED! Here's their newest release.

Dead C∆T Bounce - Jouissance Accablante (Hope4Dope Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Hope4Dope


  1. Alright, in order.

    The song hits heavy, not sure if it's me though.

    Are you a comic or stealing these from someone/somewhere?

    Ahah, good luck with that.

    THAT'S awesome. Must feel like an effing rush.

    That remix is great. Bad ass.

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  3. his face is not a face, nice tracks

  4. Thanks guys. We HOPE that you like this new remix. :)

    Soon we will upload our NEW TRACK - OUVERTURE!

    Stay tuned!


  5. Pic reminds me of the interrogation of Neo in The Matrix.