Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DaftPunk- end of the line (BoyGenius remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>boygenius)

Daft Punk-End Of The Line (BoyGenius Remix) {click the BUY button to vote} by BoyGenius

My favorite person to hang out with right now is my friend Chris, because he's gay-- but really homophobic. He grew up as the Football-playing/wrestling-team gay guy, and he hates all the feminine-diva-gays. Which is funny because sometime he'll be ripping on the gay scene, and I'll have to be like "Haha, chill out Chris. Gay guys are people too."

BoyGenius are from Nashville. I love hearing instruments in an electronic track, so this is great.


  1. OOoooo I love this track. Very much so approve.

  2. lol at your gay friend. :D

  3. Intense synths in the track, haha and your friend sounds hilarious!

  4. A great remix of my FAVORITE group!
    Love it!