Saturday, May 21, 2011

Karetus ft Ricco Vitali- future is now

(Picture courtesy of google>images>futureisnow)

Karetus feat. Ricco Vitali - Future Is Now [OUT NOW] by Karetus

I feel bad for because that's my tool for filling things out without getting spam mail.

Karetus is responsible for the #8 track on Beatport's indie dance chart. I spent the last 30 minutes looking for information about them-- and I can say with certainty that one of them has a beard, and the other only sort of has a beard.

And on the horizon is a new track by Ninetynine.
Ninetynine - Carousel (Teaser) by 99i


  1. beards or no beards, they make good music

  2. Digging Karetus. Ninetynine teaser sucks. >:( WHY TEASE ME SO