Monday, May 23, 2011

Strange talk- eskimo boy (Vanguard remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>eskimoboy)

Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy (Vanguard Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by VANGUARD

I play this game where I see how long I can listen to my mom talk about the internet without interjecting. When she's had 2 glasses of wine, it's like the boss level.

All I Hear (Hierophant Green Remix) [iTunes Bonus] by Cosmonaut Grechko


  1. Pretty sweet tracks there.. Different, but both very enjoyable.

    The internet is a terrible thing. Pf.

  2. Haha - that's funny about your mom.
    Have you listened to the youtube 'What dubstep sounds like to your parents'? Kinda funny - you reminded me of that.

    Nice tunes - didn't get into Hierophant Green remix until the wubbadaub tho.

  3. These two pieces of music were really good. Cheers.

  4. Wow that was great, interesting mixing in this first song :)

  5. can't do that top one bro. The voice kills me. The music of course makes me happy <3.

    Nah maybe [listening to the second] I don't like them

    Haha.... 10 more seconds... Maybe tomorrow, Keep it up buddy