Monday, April 18, 2011

We Love Machines- scissors

(Picture courtesy of google>images>scissors)

Scissors by We Love Machines

Ugh, I'm like the Amy Winehouse of caffeine right now. 2 cups of coffee after waking up, a cup before leaving the house, one more before going to the gym, and now I've got a tall pot going while I write this.

We Love Machines is from Switzerland. One thing they do really well is to use vocals in a way that doesn't dominate the track, nor does it take away from it.

I'm glad to get them on here. I'm maybe 30% away from having every European country represented on the blog at least once.

Here's a follow up track:

Machine Love by We Love Machines

Also coming soon is a collaborative track between Dead C∆T Bounce and You Killing Me. It's got sort of a guttural feel to it. It reminds me of drinking coffee to death metal.

Dead C∆T Bounce and You Killing Me - Justice! "OUT SOON" by You Killing Me


  1. the sample use is really well done, good trakcs

  2. Awesome songs, first of all. And yes! I hope you reach all of Europe!

  3. i want her boobs too, we love machines
    i want her boobs too

  4. nice tracks...wish I had a scissor spider

  5. Also, Machine Love is my favorite.

  6. cool tracks, but the pic is awesome!

  7. I liked the Dead C∆T Bounce best.

  8. oh god no, i know dozens of people that would be freaked out by this thing.