Monday, April 18, 2011

We Love Machines- federer

(Picture courtesy of google>images>dearjosh)

Since starting the blog, I've received a flood of fan mail from all over the world.
I'd like to take a moment to address a couple popular questions.

'Dear Josh--
I need something equivalent to a 'beer logo t-shirt' to show people that I superficially identify with your blog. What can I do?'

You're in luck, friend. The blog has a new facebook page where you can click 'like' in order to announce your music savvy to the world. I hope this doesn't cheat you out of a promotional clothing item.

Every time I google 'I Cant Stand Falling', some stupid Elvis Costello lyrics come up. What's with that?'

Google ranks its pages based on how popular they are. So you could:
A) Start your own ICantStandFalling fanpage
B) click 'like' on our facebook page using your fb account.
C) click 'like' on our facebook page from your parent's fb account. (Mom's password is her favorite Golden Girls character, Dad's is the name of his high school girlfriend)

'Hey Josh--
Facebook's ad-ware is having a hard time pinpointing my tastes in popular culture. How can I help their humble little enterprise better understand me?'

As a new site, I understand facebook's struggle in connecting with their users.
But you can do your part by 'liking' the ICSF facebook page. With your help, they can curb the need for any outside marketing research :D

Glad to get that out of the way.
Yesterday I posted some We Love Machines. But seconds after I clicked 'publish', I found this track-- and it's by far my favorite.

Federer by We Love Machines


  1. this was pretty intimate, i feel like i've been made love to

  2. I'm going to fall in love with We Love Machines because of you. Also, Lol'd significantly at your worldwide mail.

  3. i love machines too, good track

  4. Really good post. And Colin, I don't believe you.

  5. The Book of Faces is for people who barely know how to use their computer.

  6. dear josh, i hear that your a faggot hipster who loves the cock. Is this true? How is legs on legs going?