Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tobtok- soulswing

(Picture courtesy of google>images>soulswing)

Tobtok - Soulswing (and all that jazz) by Tobtok

My girlfriend recommends that I not wash my hair for a while because it makes it healthier. Right now I'm on day 18, and my head is beginning to smell like an old baseball glove. So I bet people admire my healthy hair, but from far away.

Funk yes! Another Tobtok track. I like his stuff because it's simple and unassuming. Like this would be the leading track on my summer mix of 'music to hang out to'.

But if you want something that's a little more involved, check out this Data remix. It's been out for a little over a year, but the drop is absolutely gorgeous.

Alexandre Chatelard - Reconstitution (Data's extended remix) by EKLER'O'SHOCK/EOS RECORDS


  1. dirty hair is disgusting, just dont shampoo if anything

  2. i REALLY like the first one

    and the most i can go without washing my hair is ~1 week

  3. sounds relaxing i like the first track

  4. That first Tobtok song got me feeling pretty lazy. The second song fixed that though. Nice tracks.

  5. the first one is awesome, the second meh

  6. first one is absolutely awesome, second is also good but yeah keep it up man