Friday, April 29, 2011

Kn1ght- the grid (tron remix contest)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>tron)

First, I'd like to thank everyone for all the support. Even through I'm bad about commenting back on posts, I read them all-- and I get pumped to hear what people have to say. Plus this week the site got its first hits from India and China. So it's awesome to have such a wide audience.

I'm working from a coffee shop, and my laptop speakers are broken. So that limits my ability to pick tracks.

Instead I'll promote a remix contest. Disney Records is looking for edits to three Daft Punk's tracks on the Tron soundtrack. The grand prize is $1000, an ipad, and a vinyl box set from the movie.
The details are here:!/opportunities/tron

If you asked me who to look at without being able to hear the music, I'd say KN1GHT from Strasbourg France. He's been one of my favorite DJ's for the past year.

What's cool is that he's thrown this blog on his twitter. So if I can promote him back-- that's awesome.
You can vote for him at:
(you don't get spam by using your email to enter)

Here's some credentials:

KN1GHT - Rebirth by KN1GHT
KN1GHT- Last Moon by KN1GHT
Go Lucky - Lust ( KN1GHT Remix ) by KN1GHT


  1. kn1ght is pretty good, slow paced though

  2. I think I'm gonna vote for him too, I approve very much of his remixes.

    And yes, getting viewers from around the world feels awesome dunit?! :D

  3. tron has a good soundtrack so remixing would be an awesome idea