Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pyramid- see you on the other side

(Picture courtesy of google>images>seeyouontheotherside)

Pyramid - See You In The Other Side (EP 3/5) by Pyramid - EP Out !!!

Pyramid put out a new EP a couple days ago on Monsieur Adi's label 'technofavrik'.
Though this song is my favorite from the release, the first track made it onto Busy P's fav's list:

Pyramid aspires to be a soundtrack composer, and that shows. This is the sort of track that indie film kids pitch pants-tents over (didn't think those jeans could get any tighter, did you?). It progresses really gradually, and hangs well in the background.

If it's moving too slow for you, click the thicker part of the sound file to get the full effect.

The whole EP is available at:


  1. you're right, it does lay in the background nicely.
    i barely noticed it was there after 3 minutes

  2. I think its great background music.

  3. sounds like vid game music, still good

  4. Wow I really like how it transitions, this is great! I'm really glad I just waited, lol.

  5. I could imagine this playing well during a movie or TV show.

  6. awesome track, thanks for the share bro