Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ellie Goulding- lights (Shook remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>shook)

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

The curse of having long legs is that I walk twice as fast as everyone else. So I'm always that guy who accidently creeps up on you while you're walking on the sidewalk at night.

SHOOK is my favorite DJ right now. I sort of glossed over this track last month because there was a slew of Ellie Goulding remixes coming out. Goulding a popular singer-songwriter from the UK, and I feel like every time a pop act puts out a song-- the music pool gets saturated by DJ's who want an spot on hype machine.

But for whatever reason, I ended up on Shook's soundcloud page and found this:

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

Personally I'm tired of Pheonix because they're way over played.
But this remix hits it in all the right places. So I spent the better part of last night listening to this on repeat. I'm a big fan of the funk approach to electro, and I like how Shook keeps it simple. In my opinion the space around notes is just as important as the notes themselves. So although I enjoy the 'wall of sound' that most electro goes after, I also appreciate the cut down approach.

After soundcloud, I found and there's a demo video that he did for sugar-bytes (an audio-plugin company). The dude's a super talented keyboard player.

You can buy the EP in limited edition red vinyl, or name your price on the digital version at:


  1. I really like the first one :) and i feel you on the long legs thing :/

  2. wow.. that is a polemic picture.. lol.. nice post

  3. i like the shook remix, very groovy. pic is creepy

  4. that was nice! i like the easy beat...

  5. the synthesizer software looks interesting, any more details on it?

  6. great track....really liking Ms Goulding's work

  7. This guys awesome. I too love the more mellowed out sound. Really nice find, I appreciate his sounds so much.

  8. Nice music and crazy picture. Following

  9. @mac-and-me
    A friend of mine uses Unique for the vowel filters. He says that it gives the sound a more vocal quality. It's also easy to switch between the synthesizers you set up.

    Besides Shook, this plugin is used by Siriusmo, Boyz Noise, Feadz, and Jackson and his Computer Band.