Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MSTRKRFT- beards again

MSTRKRFT - Beards Again by Hypetrak

Below is an interview that Jesse Keeler did for radio 107.7 in Seattle. It talks about how all the artists that were around when electro started are now rebeling against the category. He says that,

"...those of us who make it are turned off by the enveloping of the scene by the worst parts of the mainstream. I told Mix Mag a couple years ago that if The Black Eyed Peas were making electro, electro is dead."

The interview touches on Justice's new album (see yesterday's post), and MSTRKRFT's involvement with the next Mortal Kombat soundtrack.


  1. sweet, im happy to see dfa get back together

  2. 'the next Mortal Kombat soundtrack' caught my attention!

  3. Love the look of their studio.
    Tune is pretty \m/ rockin'.

  4. The Black Eyed peas kill everything they touch.

  5. mstrkrft is absolutely awesome. nice underground tip there

  6. pretty nice. thanks for posting.