Thursday, March 17, 2011

Overthrill- my life (French Stereo remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>frenchstereo)
Overthrill - My Life (French Stereo remix) by French Stereo

Let's do a little cross-blog promotion.
I pulled this song from a mix that Electric Addict did a couple days ago ( It's a great collection of songs, and definitely worth getting excited over.

French Stereo's soundcloud profile says,
"Their enthusiastic, unashamedly pop killer remix has that unmistakably French dance goût that brings a surprising twist to the song without suspending its underlying emotional impact."

That's a pretty powerful statement, but it's a little awkward considering that they wrote that about themselves for a music profile.


  1. cool pic, the song is alright

  2. Im digging this one. download for sure.

  3. Loved the song, and i liked the picture.

  4. the pic and song go great together!

    following. :)

  5. thanks for the plug! =D sexy song

  6. It's much the same as what the rest of the French 'goût' (whatever that is supposed to mean) are doing don't you think?

  7. this is a great sound thx for sharing ;)