Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Owl Vision- deathstar

(Picture taken from google>images>deathstar)

Owl Vision - Deathstar by Owl Vision

I found a bunch of fireworks that I thought I had lost as a kid. It's full of stuff that hasn't been legal in like a decade. Hopefully I have enough fingers left tomorrow to get a post out.

Owl Vision is from Gothenburg, Sweden. He categorizes his work as 'death electro'.


  1. I like it, surely something I'll look into! Cheers!

  2. hahaha at first I thought it was owl city so i closed it. Then reopened and saw it was different ahahah nice song though ^^

  3. Dont do anything dangerous ;D i'm actually in love with this song, I keep playing it over and over! nice one man

  4. reminded me of mortal kombat for a sec there

  5. This sounds pretty friggin awesome. Great post!