Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kauf- when you're out

(Picture courtesy of google>images>whenyou'reout)

When You're Out by Kauf

I've been getting headaches lately, so for the past couple days I've carried around a little plastic bag of asprin. Last night a guy saw me taking them at a party, and asked if he could buy a couple. Not wanting to be rude, I let him have 3 pills for $20. Then I left before he realized that they weren't his kind of drugs.

I'm an entrepreneur.

Kauf is a fresh faced group from Los Angeles. Their style is laid back-- which I need because I'm hanging out with my Brazilians friends tonight. It's nice to tailor the calm that comes before the storm.

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  1. Kauf coming with a kick ass track.

    Me taking aspirins to parties now.

  2. A little business never hurt anyone.. haha, and nice tracks first one was quite mellow and chillied. Liked the bass in the second though! good stuff

  3. "Laid back" huh, OK I'll press play with the volume up as high as it goes.

    Everyone within a one block radius is ear raped.