Monday, June 20, 2011

Black is not a colour- dim mak can suck this!

(Picture taken from google>images>dimmak)

Black Is Not A Colour - Dim Mak Can Suck This! by Black Is Not A Colour

Don't put bumper stickers on your car if you're going to drive like s___. I'll think poorly of you, your political views, and the animal shelter you donate to.

Black Is Not a Colour is from Padua, Italy. Their bio says that they started out listening to metal around the age of 12, but then left it for house/electro in their teenage years.

I love electro, but I'd be pissed to find out that my child stopped listening to metal in order to pursue computer music.

That'd be like if you found pot seeds in your kids room. But then it turns out they're into gardening-- or something way less cool.

Also-- a second Madonna cover by Monsieur Adi
Madonna - Music (Monsieur Adi Remix) [Clip] by Monsieur Adi


  1. Dunno, maybe they wouldn't have gone into music at all had it not been for the elecro? It ultimately affects sound significantly, I like it.

  2. as always, the music are good (y) good post