Friday, May 20, 2011

Tonite Only- we run the night (Designer Drugs remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>werunthenight)

Tonite Only - We Run The Night (Designer Drugs Remix) by Designer Drugs Official

If I was a traffic cop, I would only pull people over for driving too slow. Seriously though, isn't the point of being in a car to get somewhere?

Designer Drugs has taken a break from their typical club bangers to produce a track that explores the softer side of electronic music. By combining light synths with easy-listening instrumentals, they've produced a sound that even the most timid listeners will enjoy.

The un-remixed version:
We Run The Nite (Radio Mix) by Tonite Only


  1. Pretty good track, i prefer the un-remixed one though :x

  2. If I was a traffic cop I would end it all lol.

  3. Love me some Designer Drugs and all, and their remix is awesome, but that original still takes it. Pretty sweet.

  4. Original for sure