Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Logo- junocide (Logo remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>junocide)

Logo - Junocide (Logo Remix) by Logorythme

I've been sort of MIA. I'm painting the inside of my apartment deep-sea blue, and the process is more involved than I thought. When I met my girlfriend, she had me paint her bedroom walls orange and lipstick pink. I remember it feeling like I was in the waiting room at Nickelodeon studios. But it made me dream super hard for the first couple months.

I really wanted to post a song called 'merit' by Logo, but I couldn't find it online. This track is a little slower, but really well put together.

Also worth looking at is VoltronixX's remix of 'chase' by Barretso
Chase (Voltronixx Remix) by Voltronixx


  1. Crazy stuff, good beats as always.

  2. Another two great songs! and again :P I love the picture

  3. Thats a lovely wee beastie in the top pic. The musics pretty good as well.

  4. That lLogo remix, mfffffffff. So sweet.