Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sna-fu Grand Desordre Orchestra- firefriend (Electricity remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>friendfire)

Sna-fu Grand Desordre Orchestre - Firefriend - Electricity Remix by ELECTRICITY

I feel like if you get an oil stain on your shirt, you should be able to just dip the whole shirt in oil to get rid of it.

Electricity brings sort of a punk approach to electronic music. Simple chord progressions that you can move to. Their first release on here also appeared on the newest Kitsune Maison compilation.

Jupiter - Saké - Electricity Remix (Kitsuné) by ELECTRICITY


  1. It's telling me the track aren't available? It might just be my internet or something though

  2. I like this Electricity thing. It's dancey. Me wantey.

  3. Photo doesn't show up on my end- Jupiter is a good track though

  4. cant play them. im on firefox mobile no flash