Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miami Horror- holidays (Sposhrock remix)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>holidays)

Miami Horror - Holidays (SposhRock Remix) by sposhrock

Last night my laptop charger caught on the edge of my desk, and the wires ripped out of the adapter. There was a cascade of sparks, and now I have some black plastic melted into my carpet.

So today's post is coming to you courtesy of the public library.

I heard this Sposhrock track a couple days ago, and it's been drifting around in my back of my head since then. He's done a great job of transforming the context of the original song. It goes from maybe a beach setting-- to stargazing on your girlfriend's rooftop.

Miami Horror is a new-wave/neo-disco group from Australia.
Other hits include (they're links):
Summerfest '86
Grafton Primary- i can cook (Miami Horror remix)

(You can purchase this, and other Sposhrock mixes from:


  1. looving this song, so much good shit i'm finding today

  2. Pretty relaxing stuff, love it.

  3. Digging this sound, hope to hear more from them. And sorry about the charger, it's happened to me before. Ebay the charger! I got mine for $7 as opposed to radioshacks $118. Maybe I was just unlucky though.

  4. wow, at least your house didn't catch on fire though :x Nice track

  5. mellow track - at least your place didnt catch fire

  6. I like this a lot, thanks! I feel your pain on the laptop chargers. They are costly, but look around online for universal chargers, you'll save a good amount!

  7. That's a pretty scarey way to lose your laptop. Glad you're alright though.

  8. glad he lets you download too, sick song :)