Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Designer Drugs- the terror

(Picture courtesy of google>images>theterror)
Designer Drugs - The Terror by Designer Drugs Official

Today I'm rolling in the raw sounds of Designer Drugs.

Where they've released poppier remixes in the past, the two are now prodding in the darker side of electronic music. Their new album HARDCORE/SOFTCORE exhibits a personality that's both industrial-- and yet surprisingly warm.

You can find the complete album at:

Also check out their remix of Scanners- we never close our eyes. I feel like it breathes a little life back into electroclash.

Scanners - We Never Close Our Eyes (Designer Drugs Remix) by Designer Drugs Official


  1. i entered in that page.. and they have a very nice songs.. thanks for that.. nice post

  2. big thanks man, i totally missed this even though iam a huuuge designer drugs fanboy. loved tike all of their datamixes

  3. i love electroclash
    why is download disabled? ;_;
    cant hear right now, guess i must come back tomorrow

  4. Oh no... More music I need! No fair!

  5. There's something about the second song that makes me think of a creepy funhouse.

  6. I like the first one a bit more

  7. shit i missed a few days. I love your postins brew

    thank you!!


  8. yeah yeah! I was contemplating putting a designer drugs remix into my next mix actually. they're pretty good sometimes, but sometimes they aren't lol :P it's all about the songs i suppose. take it easy man!

  9. hell ya this is like metal electro!