Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skrillex- reptile theme (Mortal Kombat soundtrack)

(Picture courtesy of google>images>mortalkombat)

Skrillex - Reptiles Theme (Unofficial) New 2011 Clip + FreeDownload by Atomica (Fidget Kid)

Skrillex has blown up in the last year, and there are two new tracks available. The first is the theme for Reptile in the new Mortal Kombat videogame.

The executive producer for the soundtrack is Jesse Keeler of MSTRKRFT.
In my opinion this is a great fit because electro music has been influenced by videogame nostalgia. But in practice, I feel like this collection of songs falls just short of making a good videogame soundtrack. My concerns are that the drawn out intros on each song will feel out of sync with the gameplay. And that some songs are more artist focused than character focused.

So it's great as a music playlist, but it might not be adopted by the gaming community.

1. Deathstalker (Scorpion’s Theme) JFK of MSTRKRFT
2. Mileena’s Theme Tokimonsta
3. Helado (Sub-Zero’s Theme) Harvard Bass
4. Liu Kang’s Theme Congorock
5. Goro’s Theme Bird Peterson
6. Reptile’s Theme Skrillex
7. Raiden’s Theme 9th Wonder
8. Johnny Cage’s Theme LA Riots
9. Baraka’s Theme Run DMT
10. Kung Lao’s Theme Felix Cartal
11. Kano’s Theme Them Jeans
12. Shao Kahn’s Theme Sound Of Stereo

Secondly, Skrillex has just released a new song called 'Equinox'. There's no word yet on if it's tied to an album.

(You can download it by clicking the down-arrow to the right of the song)
Skrillex- Equinox by VfilthyBdubstepB


  1. I've only very recently been introduced to Skrillex, but from what I've heard, tis freakin' awesome. I liked that Equinox track btw. =]

  2. Skrillex is one of the best dubstep artists of our time!

  3. It's cool that they got real artists to make full length songs for each character.

  4. hey really thanks for the recommendations

  5. I can't really see the first song being a mortal kombat song D:

  6. I have only heard of Skrillex lately, but it doesn't sound bad.

  7. Mortal Kombat has always had some good beats, glad to see they are continuing the tradition. Enjoyed the songs.

  8. i can see the fight through the music.

  9. I really liked Sonny Moore's stuff before he started going by Skrillex.

  10. ohh those filthy bass lines! fucking love dubstep. powerful bass makes good songs. thanks for sharing!

  11. That Reptile theme sounds sweet.

  12. My roommate is always listening to Skrillex, didn't expect to see them here

  13. ha the mortal kombat mix made me reminisce.

  14. yessssss i freaking love jfk and skrillex. cant wait

  15. i havent heard of any of those songs lol but will check some out

  16. every time i see that symbol i think of the karate kid (original) i dont know why

  17. This makes me pretty damn happy all of a sudden. The Equinox anyway.

  18. I really like Skrillex - Equinox. Not the first track though.

    Love the Electro/Dub mix that Skrillex does. Doesn't sound so wompish and lame.

  19. That Reptile theme sounds sweet. I'm agree with you!! Awesome sound!

  20. the links don't work anymore fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    when you find it again let me know lol. I checked the links on youtube no luck. he'll drop it soon im sure..

  21. Not as fully crazy on Equinox as other stuff - especially the Ben Benassi remix. Ooooh. that makes substances leak outta me.

    I posted a Skrillex playlist today and Eeeelektrik Addeeeekt sent me over (and reminded me you exist! - Sorry, so much been going on lately).
    Have a good weekend JAWSH!