Thursday, March 10, 2011

Later Alligators

I'm off to Vegas for the weekend, so I won't be active for the next couple days.

Thanks for the ongoing support. It's great to see some of the same people coming back everyday to leave comments and feedback. Your participation makes it fun for me to put this stuff together. And if you leave a comment, I'll make sure to let you know when I'm back.

Here's a couple of my old favorites to carry you through the weekend.

What's cool about this track is that the singer is Sebastian Granger from 'Death From Above 1979'.

I dig this because it's considered techno-soul. It's from Amsterdam, so the lyrics are all over the place.

I feel like this song is in the same area as M.I.A's 'paper planes'. As in-- it's that song that girls like to play in their cars when it's summer time.


  1. Have a great time! Don't get into too much trouble...

  2. Looks like you're leaving us with more good music. We'll await your return.

  3. have fun in vegas
    and uffie was more awesome a few years ago
    ready to uff!

  4. have a good time in vegas man

  5. I

    want to

    be in vegas



  6. DatA - amazing bass sound, great tune.
    Le Le - 'supercool' and pretty funny.
    UFFIE - I see what you mean. Wouldn't be overly keen on it tbh.

  7. Have fun in Vegas, my friend! And thanks for the Friday tuneage!

  8. enjoy your weekend in vegas mate :D nice post! loved the songs you posted.

  9. uffie fell off hard, i listened to her years ago

  10. not my normal listen but i like ;)

  11. have a blast. i went a couple years ago. i so want to go back.