Monday, March 28, 2011

Drumsound & Bassline Smith- freak

(Picture courtesy of google>images>freak)

Drumsound and bassline smith - freak (original mix) by BadDrug

I have a hard time getting into drum and bass because it reminds me of like every extreme snowboarding videogame ever.

But this song is catchy, and it's worth changing things up.

And on a humorous side note; here's an Australian comedy-rock group that demonstrates the power of 4 chords.


  1. Cant... stop.. staring...

    that picture!

  2. Oh that music (not the video one) is SO great!

  3. Pfff, making a pop song is WAY difficult, pfft. PFFFFT.

    No really, great video, glad they put that out there. Decent DnB song too.

  4. loving this DnB. Not a lot of DnB sounds good to me but this one sound great!

  5. yes, the secret formula for good music

  6. Getting back to you about the song on my blog, It's called Falling Snow by Agalloch. It's off their album 'Ashes Against the Grain'. The whole album is great.